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Usual HMD stuff applies.


OOC: Regains and Character Relations

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AIM: hirimioda
Plurk: http://www.plurk.com/hirimi
Personal Journal: azriel_oda
If you need me: Just whistle. You know how to whistle don't you? Just put your lips together....and blow.

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Character RelationsCollapse )

29th Blood | In Memoriam

[Action | 507 Ricardo]
[Arcueid had gone over to but the newlyweds, but had found an unexpected surprise when she had gone to their house. Instead of that idiot Shiki and his cute new little wife...she found only drones. She had known Shiki had been here for a rather long time, and she was happy to see that he had gone back home, but...he'd left her here. He'd left her behind. Instead of promptly leaving, Arcueid found herself hanging around in their house. She sat in a chair, and simply watched the drones go about their daily lives. She kept a serious look upon her face as she watched, her eyes rarely leaving Shiki's drone.

It made her mad. She was glad he had finally escaped from this place...but...it still made her mad. Besides that, it made her sad. Shiki got to go home, and left her here. She knows it's not his fault...but still...she can't help being both mad and sad about it.

Those who live at 507 Ricardo are free to bother the strange blonde woman. Chances are you've seen her there numerous times before.]

[Phone | Unfiltered]

[After finally giving up at Shiki's house and going home, Arcueid seems to have decided to announce things over the phone. Why she decided to do so...is unclear.]

Shiki Tohno is gone...so is Alice. I...yeah. There it is. [And she hangs up.]

[Action | Park]

[Arcueid is simply sitting on a park bench, looking pretty lonely. She managed to steal the drone's glasses...and she's simply holding them in her hand and staring at them. She can still remember when she tried to get Shiki to hand them over when they both barely knew one another...and now here they were. Inert. She wasn't crying, though. How could she? Shiki got to go home. He didn't have to spend any more time in this horrible place.

Even realizing that fact, she will still continue to sit and stare at that pair of glasses. Bother her, y/y?]


[As the corpses arise from their graves, so does this Altered Be -er, I mean, Vampire. She rises in the most dramatic way possible, a hand BURSTING from the ground as she crawls her way out, moaning and groaning the entire time. The moaning stops, however, once she's out and takes a look around. She's not really sure what's going on...but as she begins to walk she can't seem to do it any other way but with her arms out in front of her and in a shambling sort of motion. She kind of likes the dress she came out of the ground in, though...she's certainly got a lot to show off with it.]

[All around Mayfield, anyone Arcueid knows.]

[She's been following you with that shambling motion of hers for quite some time now. She's asked multiple times for you to slow down but she just still can't seem to catch up. When she catches you, however, it is unsure what this undead nightmare might do! Really, she's not even sure. She'd probably just look confused.]

[All around town | Especially if you are Ciel, Shiki, Sion, The Yama, or anyone else that wants in on this]

[She's paying particular attention to you! She just won't give up on shambling after you, no matter what you say to her. She just...has to. She has to follow you. She has to catch you. When she does...you're probably not going to like it. She just...HAS to carry you bridal-style somewhere. It doesn't matter where...ANYWHERE. She intends to carry you, and she will not give up until she's done so.]

27th Blood | Attack of the 30 Foot Derp!

[Considering how much of a nuisance the vampire can already be, growing to heights of 30 feet is not really something that should have been allowed to happen. As hilarious as it might be to rampage around town as if she were Godzilla, she really doesn't want to accidentally kill a massive amount of people in a genocidal fit. So, you may find Arcueid around town trying to do a number of things to keep from being destruction incarnate.]

{A.} [Arcueid is standing near City Hall...looking down at it contemplatively and wondering just HOW much trouble she'd get into if she crushed it. She doesn't really want to get droned...but she does want to crush city officials. She is only here because she can't remember where that Lucy Smith lives.]

{B.} [Arcueid is asleep in the middle of town, TOTALLY blocking traffic! Yes, she found a nice major intersection she could lay down in between buildings so as not to cause them any damage. She has completely shut down traffic, and even walking poses no good way to get around her. If you want to walk around, you're going to have to climb...and she's not going to much appreciate tiny people hands on her.]

{C.} [The face of a vampire is hovering above you as you go about your business, citizen. Or, more specifically, she's made herself comfortable somewhere in town and is simply watching all of the small people go about their routines. She looks frustrated...but mostly...]

Ugh...I'm so BORED!! This is DUMB!

26th Blood | It came from the Dairy Aisle!

[Phone | Unfiltered]

[In the evening, just before sunset begins, the groaning voice of a woman comes over the phones. She lets out a long groan once, then pauses for a moment before finally speaking.]

If anyone's even still not in that thing...don't go near the blob stuff. It'll pull you right in.

It's...kind of delicious though. It's cherry flavored. [Another groan.] B-but...you have to eat a lot of it to get out.

If you want to try it just go stand near it...but I don't know if humans could really eat that much.

I'm...gonna lay down and wait for it to come back and get me again. I'm not eating any more of it though...I can't. I can never eat cherries again.

25th Blood | Summer Lovin' yet again

[Arcueid suddenly snapped awake, finding herself laying in a bed in a very oddly familiar room. It took her a long moment simply staring to bring the memory forth...but when she did remember...she just got rather annoyed.]

Oh man, really? Don't they ever think of anything new?

[She just goes ahead and jumps up from the bed...not really even aware that she's wearing racy red lingerie. It's the whole shebang, too, the ensemble completed with some thigh-high high-heeled boots.]

[She's come to notice there's someone else in the room as well, and she tenses up a bit.]

Who are you? I never end up with someone I'd want.

[[OOC: Arcueid has found herself locked in a room with Zero Rider! What will come of it? Will Rider discover Phantasmoon's secret identity just because Arc wants out of that lingerie? Who would win in a fight, Alexander The Great or Arcueid Brunestud?? Find out in this kind of sexy episode of SUMMER LOVIN', HOTEL OF LUST!!! (This had nothing to do with anything except to serve in saying this post is just Zero Rider and Arcueid...as if that weren't obvious. Shut up.)]]

24th Blood | Marble Phantasm your heart!

[Tonight, all around town, Mayfielders may be treated to an extremely odd sight. Those in town who actually know anything about Magical Girl shows will likely be able to understand what is going on, and will likely think it's totally and completely stupid. To those who don't, however, tonight will be the most confusing night of their lives if they happen to be wandering about outside.

Evildoers who stalk in the night beware. There is a new hero in the town of Mayfield!]

Her name...is PHANTASMOON!!Collapse )

[Action | Option 1]

[You may catch Arcueid hopping around the rooftops, followed by sparkles of light twinkling through the air like stars. Either you are incredibly confused, or just simply annoyed at the pure absurdity of it all. Either way, feel free to call out to her! She may just spare a moment for a star-struck fan!]

[Action | Option 2]

[Are you an evildoer? A monster? A vampire? Or simply someone skulking around town at night looking creepy, or generally up to no good? Well, you may find yourself facing off against Phantasmoon! Prepare yourself, creepers of the night! This is a fight you surely won't win!]

[Action | Option 3]

[Or you could just make something up for any reason to get a chance to talk to this beautiful, mysterious super heroine of the moon! Perhaps cry for help to get her attention? Or perhaps you are already being accosted this night? Wherever there is danger, wherever there is a person in need, wherever there is breakfast, PHANTASMOON will be there! Seriously, she can hear you scream from across town, give it a try.]

[Phone | Option 4]

[This phone call goes out completely unfiltered. Yes, Arcueid is bad at this...especially with the faked excitement in her tone that only really sounds like smugness because she believes she is awesome.]

Hey, did you guys see all that stuff going on last night? There was a super cool hero running around! What did she call herself...Phantasmoon? Wasn't she cool?? I couldn't believe it! Did anyone else see her? [She really does think it's not totally obvious.]

[[OOC: Yes, this is happening. Really this is kind of a free-for-all, so just interact however you please. I only have one thing to say about all of this.]]

23rd Blood | The Milkening

[After the events of Westport, Arcueid knows full well to never touch a glass of milk. The first time she had ever decided to drink the Milkman's milk had resulted in her ingesting an infinite amount of spiders...which promptly killed her.

Though, this poses a problem with Mayfield's current chief of police. By the time the Milk/Policeman had made his afternoon rounds, he had found that nobody in the house decided to drink any of his delicious bovine discharge today.

The result? An insanely strong vampire has been kill!droned. Chances are she is going to cut a swath through this town before she is stopped, so you law-abiding denizens of Mayfield beware! This normally whimsical monster is now out for blood, in the guise of a friendly mother-figure.]

[Action | 1486 Kramden]

[If the one un-droned occupant of the house happens to come into the living room, she may notice something strange. The rest of the drone family is happily sitting on the couch, if you look at them from the back. However, upon closer inspection from the front...she will find that all of their throats have been gashed open and their clothing, as well as the couch, have been soaked in blood. Arcueid is happily cooking in the kitchen, singing an upbeat tune.]

Ami, sweetie, is that you? Dinner is almost ready, why don't you have a seat with your father and brother? I think your favorite program is on right now. [Arcueid speaks in a sing-song voice, one that sounds like she couldn't possibly have been capable of the scene on the couch.]

[Action | About the town]

[Oh my, oh dear...Arcueid has seemed to run out of a few spices that she DESPERATELY needs to finish dinner. It's improper for a lady to keep her husband waiting for his food after a long day at work, right?

Even though it is late in the evening, Arcueid is out on the town, heading toward the shops to pick up what she needs. However, the path she is taking seems to be rather erratic. She's kind of walking all over the place, almost as if she is lost.

Though, the smile stays on her face the entire time, as if she's having the BEST day ever. She will happily greet anyone who comes within 15 feet of her with a "How are you this evening, (insert name here)?" and a big smile. However, something is a bit off about it. She will always attempt to approach. She will, for the most part, leave the drones alone, but if you happen to be a conscious resident she will approach you with her unnerving smile never breaking. It is up to each individual what they will do at this point...but there is obviously something VERY wrong with the woman.

If the individual tries to run...or she gets close enough...that's where the fun begins.]

[[OOC: HUGE WARNING Arcueid is an EXTREMELY powerful being. She has been kill!droned by the Milkman Police Chief, and will be cutting a swath through Mayfield until she is eventually stopped. Miss Ciel, the crazy nun, will be the one to eventually stop her. Her thread will be the last one chronologically. Please be aware that **ANYONE WHO REPLIES WILL BE EXPECTED TO BE SERIOUSLY INJURED (if they happen to manage to run away or are extremely powerful) OR QUITE DEAD.** If you are okay with this, then tag away!]]

22nd? Blood

Cut for personal actions.Collapse )

[Phone | Unfiltered]

So! If anyone knew me here before...uh, my name is Arcueid Brunestud! I was here a while back...or maybe it was pretty recently, I don't really much remember. I remember the phones and stuff, so I guess this is just my hello for today. But...I do have some people I need to talk to.

[Instead of filtering, however, Arcueid just decides to broadcast it over the phone lines. She knows full damn well how to filter, she just doesn't feel like it.]

Heyyyyy Shiki! Or maybe even Merem? I guess even Ciel...are you all still around? It kind of feels like I've been gone for a while, but...I guess I remember how that works around here. One of you tell me what's going on now, okay?

[Action | 1486 Kramden]

[Whenever Harry gets around to heading into the rest of the house, he will find a blonde woman immersed in her work of COMPLETELY re-arranging all of the furniture in the living room. It seems she'd rather mix things up then leave them as they start out. FEEL FREE TO APPROACH, not!mom is pretty cool.]

[Action | Ricardo Street]

[Passerby may come across a woman wandering up and down the street. Those who live at 503 may find her knocking at their door, but most will find her walking in front of each and every house on the street, yelling at it.]


[She thought she remembered him living at 503 Ricardo, but it's starting to seem as if she may have been wrong. FEEL FREE TO APPROACH THE MADWOMAN. She doesn't bite. Seriously, she's not into that despite her unfortunate species.]

[[OOC: If any of your characters gained CR with the most recent Arcueid, my apologies at the moment. Arcueid isn't going to remember anything, as I have brought back Arcueid from the point at which I dropped her before. BUT, do not let that deter you from speaking with her or gaining CR yet again! I'll be more than happy to. :3]]

Fed up vampire

I guess humans really DO have a thing for just launching themselves into impossible situations? You're all really stupid.

[This coming from the woman that just throws all of her weight at everything expecting it to die.]

[She doesn't bother filtering her announcement to Shiki, hoping that ANYONE who knows him will help keep him from doing anything equally stupid.]

Shiki, I really hope you're just staying inside and not being an idiot.

21st Blood

[As soon as Arcueid picks up the phone, she coughs a little bit, followed immediately by a "bleh" sound.]

Shiki was right! Drinking milk and lemonade will make you throw up!

I guess some food really CAN'T mix...even if they taste good by themselves.

Hey, what kinds of foods don't mix? I don't think I ever want to do that again. I can't get the taste out of my mouth.

20th Blood [Hotel Lovin' Event]

[Arcueid had been pounding on the door for about a solid five minutes before she finally gave up, spinning around and smoothing out her pretty little red dress she'd been placed in for the evening. She then crossed her arms over her chest and huffed, taking a seat on the edge of the bed.]

I guess we're pretty stuck. What's your name?

19th Blood


[It sounds like Arcueid has kind of hidden herself to leave this phone message, speaking somewhat quietly so nobody else in the house can hear her.]

Hey! If there are any eligible young bachelors out there, you should come find me today and take a look at my new little daughter! She needs a boyfriend pretty badly. [With that, she hangs up quickly.]


[After Arcueid leaves that phone message, the citizens of Mayfield will be treated to an...odd sight today. It seems Arcueid has purchased a pretty little sun dress for her new "daughter," Altrouge, and is currently parading her around town. Arcueid refuses to let go of Altrouge's hand, and mostly appears to be basically DRAGGING her along. They'll be all over town today, so feel free to stop and ask what's going on, or DEFINITELY hit on Altrouge if you're of a mind to do so! No pedos...(but if you are one feel free to hit on her anyway.)]

[[Post order will be You > Altrouge > Arcueid]]

18th Blood


I got something back a while ago~ Can you guess what it is?

[And that seems to be all she has to say over general broadcast.]


[Now comes the true meat of Arcueid's activities! She's been paying extra special attention to information she comes across about the mischief of children in America. In essence...she's been watching too much television. She's found an activity she thinks will be especially fun around the neighborhood.]

[So! Today, Arcueid will be TOILET PAPERING HOUSES! Hey, it seemed like a fun thing to try, okay? So! Let's present a number of scenarios to work off of!]

[You could either:

A: Find her at the grocery store buying an exorbitant amount of toilet paper. Feel free to grow suspicious and question her...or just start up a lovely conversation in the store!

2: You catch her in the middle of TPing your house! She doesn't quite understand the intricacies of TPing, and will be doing so in broad daylight! Of course, she will be starting with her own house at 1250 Williams Road and branching out from there! Of course, Willams Road will be hit the hardest, but she will be hitting any street she arbitrarily decides to hit. Scold her, ask "WTF is wrong with you?" or pick a fight! Anything's fine!

X: Arcueid may be hiding in the bushes or any other place she can hide to see how people react to her handiwork! She'll likely start giggling from her hiding place, so it'll be easy enough to investigate and catch her suspicious behavior!]

[Hey, this place is boring and she just wants to have fun! DON'T JUDGE HER!]

OOC post!

Okay, I just went ahead and sort or cleaned up Arcueid's CR post viewed here!

I'm also realizing that I think I possibly forgot a lot of characters that would belong in Arc's CR post.

SO! Feel free to make a post either here or in that entry to let me know! Give me a nice slap across the face to remind me how Arc has interacted with your character and I will be sure to correct my stupidity immediately!

Disclaimer: May or may not be "immediately."

17th Bloodski

[Arcueid has been trying so hard to build tractors. SHE KNOWS NOTHING ABOUT BUILDING TRACTORS! She sits in a veritable PILE of half put together tractors, most of said "tractors" are nothing more than scraps of metal set up like a teepee over the motor.]

Um...your name was Dist, right? I'm supposed to build your tractors. How do I even do this?

I thought it would be fun...but it's...[Arcueid seems to catch herself. After that broadcast she's not going to take any chances.] It's very difficult for me to build tractors for the glory of the Union if I can't understand your designs.

...also now I think I like beets...and vodka.


16th Blood

[Yes, Arcueid was completely not paying attention during Mother's Day.]

Why's everyone talking about this "Father's Day" so much?

Isn't every dad in Mayfield a fake dad anyway?

15th Blood


I found out something fun! I have something to do today! This will be the "Make Mayfield beautiful Project!"

[It's a day for fun times! Unfortunately, it's probably only going to be fun for Arcueid. She's discovered something recently. Who knows where/how she figured it out...but she now has a new weapon.]

[Arcueid has discovered that you can draw on windows with a bar of soap...and boy, is it fun. So, today Arcueid will be visiting YOUR home! She's just having a grand ole time and likely won't be paying attention to not being caught.]

[She'll draw pictures on all the windows of many, many houses...and any car windows that happen to be parked outside. Of course, she'll be starting with her OWN house. It will mostly be just harmless picture drawing...pictures that look like a little kid drew them. You can either catch her in the act, find her admiring her work from the sidewalk, or simply find her wandering the street armed with two white bars of soap in her hands, or just comment on her vague voice post either before or after discovering her..."artwork."]

14th Blood


That was kind of horrible, but I think I'm better now. Sorry if I snapped at anyone...that was pretty crazy.

Uh...I guess that's all I have to say?


[Arcueid will likely be spending most of her time at the Malt Shop in town, rewarding herself for getting her blood craving back under control again...she freaking LOVES malts. Feel free to bump into her there, or around town on her way either to or from the shop. She seems to be her old cheerful, innocent self again.]


Cute smile~
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